Our classes are suitable for all levels however the beginner friendly classes are highlighted to quickly help you locate classes which are most suitable for students to build up your yoga experience. Explore our various styles and try out different ones to see what you prefer!

All levels *Beginner friendly


Harmonious breath-work and extended meditation and relaxation aimed to nourish yourself and help you deeply connect with your own beautiful self.

All levels *Beginner friendly

Yummy Yin

A deeply peaceful class focusing on lengthening muscles, releasing fascia tissue and allowing tendons to release. Sore? Tight? Headaches? This class is for you. You will be guided through a few restorative poses, held for between 3 to 5 minutes. This type of class is often referred to as 'sleeping yoga'. Perfect for those longing for relaxation and restoration.

All levels *Beginner friendly

Bliss Flow

Liberate yourself from busy-ness in this rejuvenating class, which will help restore your energy and continue with a ‘fresh mind’ for the rest of your day! Offering you all the benefits of mindful movement, a vinyasa flow to invigorate and strengthen the body finishing with a long, restorative meditation.

All levels *Beginner friendly

Drishti Gentle Flow

Calm the body, mind and soul with this soothing flow class where you will be guided into a beautiful flow that incorporates gentle yoga asanas. You will leave feeling nourished and refreshed. This class is suitable for everyone, beginners, injury rehabilitation, seniors or if you just LOVE a gentle class (yes!)

All levels *Beginner friendly


The best of both worlds. The first half an hour centres on an energetic vinyasa style flow cultivating our Yang energy. The latter half of the class focuses on our feminine energy, the Yin. Long hold poses for deep release into the connective tissues and connecting with the mind; leave feeling well rested and reenergised.

Regular practice

Wake up, Kick Asana

Vinyasa: Start your day with intention, focus and movement. We begin with mindfulness, cultivating a positive attitude, then stretch it out so you’ll be flexible mentally and physically. Progressing through an invigorating vinyasa flow sequence of postures will get your blood pumping, all before breakfast. This early-morning practice will ground you and give you wings, setting you up to kick asana all day long. 

All levels *Beginner friendly

QiGong Yoga

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that perfectly blends posture, movement, breathing and mindfulness into a form of moving meditation. This class is suitable for anybody who is looking for a gentle form of yoga as it promotes fluidity in the joints and alleviates stress and anxiety, depression, tension, chronic illness and pain. 

All levels *Beginner friendly

Matwork Pilates (45 min)

Pilates has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from beginners to elite athletes.  Pilates is a holistic exercise system designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance; so much more than just building a 'strong core' or 'perfect posture'. The exercises are performed in a flow of movement without the static poses associated with yoga by our certified pilates instructor. 

Regular practice


Vinyasa: Linking conscious breath with your mindful flow. 

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