What do all the names mean on our timetable?? Explore our various styles and try out different ones to see what you prefer! Our classes are suitable for all levels however the beginner friendly classes are highlighted to assist.

All levels *Beginner friendly

QiGong Yoga

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that perfectly blends posture, movement, breathing and mindfulness into a form of moving meditation. This class is suitable for anybody who is looking for a gentle form of yoga as it promotes fluidity in the joints and alleviates stress and anxiety, depression, tension, chronic illness and pain. 

All levels *Beginner friendly

Gentle Flow & Massage

If you’re really looking to wind down, gently move the body and give yourself back some tender loving care, this is the perfect class for you. A beautiful, gentle flow practice embodying soft movement and breath work throughout the body will help you feel more grounded. You will then be guided through a gentle self-massage, helping you to relax, and learn to gift yourself some deep nourishment. Guided by a certified yoga teacher and massage practitioner, you will be sure to leave this class feeling relaxed and revitalized. 

All levels *Beginner friendly

Yummy Yin & Meditation

A divine combination of the restful practice of Restorative Yin and guided through a nourishing meditation to help bring calm and clarity to the body, mind and soul.  You will get to experience various types of meditation throughout each week, including visual and sensory meditations, breath work (pranayama), as well as chakra and meridian-related meditations. Whether you are new to meditating, or have been practicing for years, this class will offer an opportunity to come into a deep meditation, leaving you feeling rested, relaxed and restored.  

Regular practice


Vinyasa traditionally translates to ‘movement with breath’, which encompasses the intention behind this practice. Vinyasa includes both seated and standing asana (poses), however we flow more quickly through each asana to really promote prana and blood flow circulate around the body. Breath work and meditation are used to begin and end each practice, which promotes clarity of mind, body and soul. This Vinyasa flow practice will help you to cleanse and release what has built up within body and mind. This class is not suitable for beginners.

Regular practice


The Ashtanga yoga method involves synchronising the breath (deep even conscious breathing) with a progressive series of postures (asana’s), this linking of breath and movement is known as vinyasa, a process that produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs and expels unwanted toxins from the body. During the practice we also maintain a steady gazing of the eyes (drishti) to create focus and concentration and help stabilise the mind. 

All levels *Beginner friendly

Beginners Gentle

A class specifically designed for those who are brand new to yoga, those who appreciate a little more time and space to practice, and those who may have injuries inhibiting participation in a more physical or asana-led practice or seniors. Each class slowly introduces basic and foundational asana (poses) to help lengthen muscles in the body and gently open through joints and ligaments. This is a great class to come to if you’ve never practiced yoga before, or if you feel like something a little more relaxed.

All levels *Beginner friendly

Yummy Yin

Not to be confused with Yin. This is a restorative, deeply peaceful class often referred to as 'sleeping yoga'. You will be guided through a few restorative poses, held for between 3 to 5 minutes focusing on lengthening muscles, releasing fascia tissue and allowing tendons to release. Stressed? Feeling tight? Headaches? This class is for you. Perfect for those longing for relaxation. and restoration.

All levels *Beginner friendly

Lunar Yin

This class is a gorgeous traditional Yin Yoga class connecting with the magic of Lunar Cycles. Each yin pose will be held for between 3 to 5 minutes to release fascia and improve join mobility, increase circulation and relieve stress and anxiety. 

There are 8 main phases of the moon and each phase has a certain rhythm and intention. Over the weeks each class is synchronized to the cycle of the moon where you will be guided to release, manifest or move forward.. depending on which phase. Becoming in tune with the moon will help your life flow more easily.

Come and join us and harness the magic of the moon.

Regular practice


A traditional yoga practice including both seated and standing asana (poses). Each pose is held for three to eight breaths, which allows time for the body to surrender into the asana, and time for you to find your alignment and grounding. Pranayama (breath) is drawn upon in each pose to help the muscles soften, the joints to open, and blood and energy (prana) to flow more freely throughout the body.  

All levels *Beginner friendly

Drishti Gentle Flow

Calm the body, mind and soul with this soothing flow class where you will be guided into a beautiful flow that incorporates gentle yoga asanas. You will leave feeling nourished and refreshed. This class is suitable for everyone, beginners, injury rehabilitation, seniors or if you just LOVE a gentle class (yes!)

All levels *Beginner friendly

Yummy Yin & Sound Healing

This class is a divine combination of the restful practice of Restorative Yin, combined with intuitive sound healing. Drawing on her intuitive sound healing, musical skills and knowledge of Sanskrit, Becca provides an inspired chant and song each week to help guild you into a relaxed, meditative state to allow for deeper healing and destress. A perfect way to end your weekend and start the new week feeling well rested & grounded.

Regular practice


The best of both worlds. The first half an hour centers on an energetic vinyasa style flow cultivating our Yang energy. The latter half of the class focuses on our feminine energy, the Yin. Long hold poses for deep release into the connective tissues and connecting with the mind; leave feeling well rested and reenergised.

Regular practice


A General class offers the wonderful benefits of a traditional yoga practiced, with an infused style between Hatha and Vinyasa. You will flow through a series of seated and standing asana, and be given the opportunity to come deeper into each asana with Pranayama (breath work) and meditation. The practice will leave you feeling grounded and more in tune with your body, mind and soul. The level of asana included in this practice ranges from a beginner to an intermediate level, and encourages deeper openness throughout body and mind by offering extensions for each asana. Beginners are encouraged to try other styles first before coming to a General class!