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Holistic Wellness Coaching


60 minutes


A customised program uniquely designed for each individual drawing on many modalities such as yoga, Thai massage, ayurvedic principles, crystal therapy, meditation, chakra healing, pranayama/breathwork, reiki to look beyond the physical body and work on healing or bringing into alignment the subtle energy systems such as meridians, chakras, aura.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is personalised to suit your goals and can help to:

  • Escape from feeling stuck

  • Break free from old behaviour patterns

  • Identify limiting beliefs

  • Stop self-sabotage

  • Feel calmer and more balanced

  • Let go of stories and clear pathways for the future

  • Take life into your hands and steer!

Initial 75 minute consultation $120 includes establishing a connection and direction, a healing session and an emailed personalised self-healing program to follow at home, plus a recorded meditation.

Follow-up mentoring and treatments 60 minutes, casually $90 or a discounted pack of 3 sessions for $250.

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