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Hot Stones Massage


60 minutes


Unwind and soothe muscle tension with the magical power of a hot stones massage.

Smooth volcanic rocks called basalt (lava) stones are carefully warmed and placed onto specific areas of the body to ease muscle tension. Basalt stones are chosen as they gently retain heat and help anchor you to Earth with their grounding properties. Basalt is a stone that brings stability, raises energy levels, and promotes courage. It opens you up to creativity and gives you the courage to follow your bliss.

Our intuitive massage therapist Erika, will either rest the stones on specific areas of the body such as the spine, palms of the hands, feet/toes, stomach (and/or more), to allow the heated stones to deeply penetrate into muscle tissue, melting any tension without causing discomfort. Or while holding the stones, glide the warm stones over the body using different massage techniques such as long strokes, circular movements or kneading. Heat therapy works by opening the energy channels in the body, allowing for increased circulation so that oxygen and nutrients can reach areas where they are needed most; the combination of massage techniques with the heated stones on pressure points, allows your body's natural healing mechanisms to be activated.

The therapeutic heat also helps relieve stress and anxiety while restoring balance in both mind and body allowing you to sink into a state of deep relaxation. As this is a zero discomfort massage, it's also excellent for gym-goers, runners, cyclists, anyone who needs a quick (and painless) recovery from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

In addition to luxurious pampering and deep relaxation, some of the benefits of a hot stones massage includes:

  • Pain relief; including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune disorders.

  • Stress relief: reduces stress and anxiety; physically and metaphysically.

  • Increased joint flexibility: reducing tense muscles supports more flexibility and less pain in the joints.

  • Decreased muscle spasms and tension: reducing inflammation and tension in muscles eases both muscle spasms and pain.

  • Better sleep: relaxed muscles, reduced stress and a state of deep relaxation allows the body and mind to surrender into the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for controlling homeostasis. In other words, restoring balance within the body to a state of calm, allowing you to get a good nights rest.

Be sure to book Erika for your Hot Stones Massage.

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