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The Magic of Cacao!

You may have noticed that cacao is being integrated into Western rituals more and more (we even have our own little cacao ceremony coming up - but more on that later). It's beautiful when philosophies from other cultures make their way into our world and bring with them wisdom and rituals that we may not have experienced before. So, what is so special about cacao? We're so glad you asked.

Raw cacao bean in it's raw form

What is Cacao?

The magical plant medicine, cacao, has been revered for centuries by Mayan cultures, and was believed to be a divine gift from the gods. It is used in spiritual ceremonies to transcend the physical realm and connect with the divine. Cacao was also used as a form of currency and is believed to have powerful healing properties. Today, cacao ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular in the West, as people seek to connect with their spirituality and unlock the powerful physical and emotional benefits of this mesmerising plant medicine.

Cacao, in its raw, unprocessed form, is a powerhouse of nutrients and compounds that can benefit both your body and mind. The flavanols present in cacao have been shown to improve heart health, enhance cognitive function, and reduce inflammation. Also, theobromine, a natural stimulant in cacao, can uplift your mood and energy levels - leaving you feeling revitalised and invigorated.

The wonderous benefits of cacao go well beyond the physical. Cacao is a potent medicine for the emotions. In yoga, we often focus on connecting with our breath and bodies. Incorporating cacao into your practice can awaken the dormant energies in the heart and help you deepen this connection to boy and breath. Cacao has been shown to enhance feelings of love and connection, alleviate anxiety and depression, and even spark creativity.

How can you incorporate this magic medicine into your yoga practice?

A cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to honour its sacredness. This usually involves mindfully sipping on a warm cacao elixir as you invite your heart to open, allowing you to connect to yourself more deeply - which will lead to a more potent yoga practice. You could also try adding cacao to your post-practice smoothie, or relishing a piece of dark chocolate before or after your class (the healthy kind, of course). If the idea of a cacao ceremony is enticing - or if you've tried once before and know you loved it - why not join us in our very own cacao ceremony this month> Here, you can indulge in the alluring spell of cacao, and experience the enchantment of this magical plant medicine for yourself!

Join myDrishti's founder, Caroline, on an unforgettable journey to the heart with a cacao ceremony and heart opening masterclass. Sunday 21st May, 1:40pm to 3:40pm. Click here for more information about the masterclass.

Have you tried a cacao ceremony before? We'd love to hear your experience, feel free to comment below.

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