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Yoga Therapy: A personalised path to holistic healing

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Yoga Therapy

Within the wellbeing world, Yoga Therapy stands out as a practical avenue to transformative healing, skilfully intertwining age-old yogic wisdom with cutting-edge therapeutic techniques. While you might be familiar with the concept of one-on-one or private yoga classes, yoga therapy elevates the experience. It marries the richness of traditional yoga practices with a scientific, physio-style understanding, propelling your practice to loftier heights, and extending healing possibilities for a diverse range of ailments.

So, what is Yoga Therapy exactly?

Yoga therapy is not your run-of-the-mill yoga practice; it’s a personalised journey tailored to your unique needs. Rooted in the belief that the body can heal itself, yoga therapy employs the strategic use of breath, movement, and mindfulness to navigate the intricate web of physical and mental wellbeing.

What does a Yoga Therapist do?

Think of a yoga therapist as your wellness architect. These seasoned professionals, akin to masterful yoga teachers, seamlessly merge traditional yoga practices with therapeutic strategies. Picture a skilful blend of yoga instructor, personal trainer, physiotherapist, counsellor, and energetic healer – although the true essence can only be grasped through firsthand experience in a session. The yoga therapist’s expertise lies in crafting personalised programs designed to address individual health challenges – whether they manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or as a nuanced combination of all these facets. In essence, there are no cookie-cutter solutions here; it’s a truly customised roadmap to holistic wellbeing.

Healing bowls

What happens in a Yoga Therapy session?

Let’s dive into the heart of it – the yoga therapy session. This is your dedicated space for a collaborative healing venture involving breath, meditation, and movement. In this session, expect a fusion of targeted poses, specialised breathwork, and customised meditation techniques. The yoga therapist assumes the role of your compassionate guide, navigating you through with sensitivity, engaged listening, and a steadfast commitment to creating a secure environment.

If it seems a bit elusive, it’s because each session is meticulously tailored to the individual. It might resemble a personal training session for one person or a guided relaxation for another. What is almost certainly guaranteed, though, is a transformative encounter – a holistic pathway to wellbeing that extends far beyond the boundaries of the mat!

Is Yoga Therapy for me?

Yoga Therapy is for you if:
  • You are seeking a personalised approach to wellbeing that addresses both the physical and mental.

  • You are looking to advance or simplify your yoga practice.

  • You’re dealing with chronic pain.

  • You’re managing stress, anxiety, or emotional challenges and seeking a holistic approach to wellbeing.

  • You are navigating major life transitions, such as career changes, relationship shifts, or loss.

  • You have specific health conditions and are looking for complementary support.

  • You are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or seeking rehabilitation through a mind-body approach.

  • You are - regardless of age, fitness level, or prior yoga experience - looking for a transformative and tailored wellbeing journey.

Where can I find a Yoga Therapist?

We offer Yoga Therapy sessions at myDrishti! Send us an email to enquire.

Much love,

~Caroline & the myDrishti team

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