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Little Yogis

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Our Little Yogis classes are fun-filled and playfully instructed by highly qualified, Kids Yoga Teacher and myDrishti Founder, Caroline Vega. Caroline is currently writing the Kids Teacher Training Course for My Health Yoga. In each class we incorporate traditional yoga asana in a fun, playful way through stories and songs. We also include fingerplay through nursery rhymes and rest time and breathwork activities so that your littlie leaves feeling confident, calm and centered.

When: This is a 30 minute class suitable for ages 1-4 years where most often the parent/carer will stay and participate.

Structure: Classes are held once a week in 8 week blocks to coincide with school terms and each term will usually have a set theme. We encourage parents to enroll your child in the full term so they are able to receive the full benefits of the classes, however we do accept casual bookings.

What to bring: Water bottle, comfortable clothes. No socks or shoes are required during class. We supply kids hyper allergenic, antibacterial mats free-of-charge however during the Social Distancing period we request that all children bring a yoga mat towel (non-slip) to class. We have these available to purchase at a discounted price of $8 with full term enrolment.

Price: Early bird Special: $79 if you book 1 week before term commencement $104 for the full term

$15 casually

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